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8. Apr. 2024

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Our products

We have a long lasting histoty with playing TCG games and are even creating one ourselves. Therefore our focus for new items in our shop are of course TCG related products. Digimon Card Game, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and One Piece, and maybe even more in the future. We try to become the number-one shop for your TCG needs. Right now, we are still building our shop, but we will arrive there eventually.

As of now, we mostly sell Digimon ond One Piece TCG products on our shop: Booster Boxes, Starterdecks and Utilities. If you miss another TCG or products, please be patient and check back in a few months.

Our philosophy

We try to offer you a simple and quick checkout, so you will receive the ordered TCG products as soon as possible.

If there should be any problem with one of your orders, don't hesitate to contact us via an email to the address listed on our imprint page. We will try to help you as soon as we can.

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All of our products are currently shipped via DHL. This is the shipment provider we had the least hassle with in our own history. We believe this decision is also good for you.

By the way, we ship orders over 150€ sum insured and free to germany. Besides germany we also ship to austria.


We offer you a quickly working email support, a quick delivery and low prices for our products.

Also, when buying from our shop, you can do something good for world: Each year, we donate 3% of our overall nett sales to the World Food Programme. All donations will be made public on our website at the start of each year.

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About us

At the moment we are two people: For one, myself, who is the CEO, accountant, manager and developer behind Game.kiwi. And also my partner which helps me out with design decisions, does marketing and creates all the fine assets you see on our page, like the logo.